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Virgin Rodeo

Virgin Rodeo Illustration

For most of his life, 44-year-old Henry Drudge was the epitome of being ordinary. Tethered to his insecurities, he often found himself residing in a perpetual whirlpool of self-doubt, consequently becoming a man who made no one’s speed dial. This would all change when Henry gathered the courage to make a citizen’s arrest.

Tales of the Tatterman

Join Phinney Fair, Hunky Dora, Marshall the Moleman, Reezlerhyme, Weak Weena and Weak Weasel, along with a kool-aid batch of characters with tales of courage and curiosity, bullying and revenge, the Duceyrhyme games, the search for the honey-silled whale, and more …

We Couldn’t All Be Astronauts

I‘ve been a social worker, a sailor, an athlete, a witness, a cabana boy, a confessor, an orator, a film-maker, a politician, a millionaire, and lived in my van. I’ve found meaning and truth and compassion, sometimes on purpose, sometimes by mistake…

Renaissance Men

We all have a story to tell – the initial stage always seems daunting … yet when the last word is written and you are ready to let go, it feels like the release of a butterfly into the wind, or in my case, the release of a moth. I’ve never been a perfectionist … 

The Needles of Purgatory

From philosophy to real estate, from Plato to Play-Dough – I was once a well-known professor, and now I’m a realtor… can there be a bigger fall? What if I told you of some serious delusions of grandeur, that I baptized three new agents to be disciples in my new company Messiah Re3al Estate and this holy water later turned out to be vodka?

The Odyssey of Sin

The story of Odyssey House concerns a small Hospice center that offers unique care to a unique population … located in a conservative Northern California town, by serving the homeless, the facility becomes a community spark, destined to bring to life the town’s buried-alive racism and its inability to change with the times.