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Letter to our Readers

In a world that exists with so much to give, yet considers taking as the smarter play, the ’21-’22 season of The Lemonade Stand concludes with the presentation of its initial La La Award. Three more summer editions will be issued on Jun 15, Jul 15, and Aug 15 … at that point, we will decide if we will engage in a ’22-’23 season.

The La La Lemon is a comic relief award that reflects the need for our culture to laugh at itself. Few comedians exemplify this ability better than Larry David who first came to our attention writing for Seinfeld, and in that series, was the prototype for the George Costanza character.

Finding a home in the self-important world of progressive America, David’s current HBO series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, is now in its eleventh season as it showcases Larry’s disappointment in almost everyone he knows, as well as his general inability to co-exist in a world that often cuts in line.

Have a great summer – Hermione

Larry’s Rules

The First Annual Lemonade Comic Relief Award


The La La


April 17, 2022

To Larry David’s agent:

On behalf of The Lemonade Stand, a blog with more than one hundred followers including pets, we are honored to inform Mr. David that he is the recipient of the very first annual Lemonade Comic Relief Award, the soon-coveted La La.

The name La La was inspired by the character of L.A. Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm, a man who somehow balances himself awkwardly on that thin line between sincere confrontation and being totally insulting. 

In a time of pandemic, Curb has provided comic relief to so many with its quirky skinny walk into the kvetching world of a successful L.A. Larry as opposed to the despairing world of an aimless N.Y. George. Mr. David’s awards include

A La La Lemon Statuette – if undesired, bought back for $10.95.

A Lemonade Book – crypto worth >$65,411 or a pet rock

We’d love to have a ceremony with an acceptance speech from Mr. David, and we ask that his speech be no longer than two to five minutes, please. Our ceremony guidelines include no crying or slapping anyone in the face. We look forward to his response.

Hermione Luck /publisher


Certified letter from Larry David received 4/26/2022

To whomever and whatever lemon is on duty:

I understand that I’m supposed to be flattered by this Comic Relief Award, which has about the same impact on me as the time I was told “you’re handsome” by a drunk person at the Santa Monica Pier, who then asked me if I’d pick him up off the ground.

Flattery is getting an Oscar maybe, or perhaps an Emmy or a Yiddy (the Yiddish Tony), but a Lemon? Let me make it clear to whoever is in charge at your Lemonade Stand – I shall not, I do not want your award. Nor do I want some La La trophy to be named after me in perpetuity. I have contacted my lawyers to proceed with serious litigation if you do not cease and desist – Larry David

*** Lemonade reply to Larry David // 5/1/2022 ***

Dear Mr. David,

On behalf of the entire Lemonade staff and our many readers, we find ourselves disappointed that you consider our award to be insulting. Although we’d prefer a more personal presentation to you at a time and place of your choice, we also have no problem with someone receiving your award in absentia. Like maybe fellow Curb co-stars Ted Danson or JB Smoove.

May we assure you, we are not looking for publicity. If none of this is satisfactory, we will be happy to mail the La La and the original Lemonade book.

Hermione Luck

*** Larry David reply // 5/10/2022 ***

Lemonade People –

Tell me, what am I supposed to do with a trophy of a lemon? And you want me to give a two-to-five-minute acceptance speech? I’d rather have my fingernails removed and pasted to my forehead.

What kind of farkakte name is L.A. Larry anyway? It makes me sound like a pimp or a used car salesman. Actually, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a pimp, I think I’d make a very good pimp, but a used car salesman is insulting.

I mean, didn’t we have enough of the La La concept a few years ago and take their Oscar back? You Lemonade people are behind the curve – giving a La La award, it’s like crypto, it’ll never go far. And forget about Ted Danson or JB. They have absolutely no interest or time unless you include strippers – Larry David

*** Lemonade reply // 5/12/2022 ***

Dear Mr. David,

We get it about Ted Danson and JB Smoove. Again, we’re not looking for publicity, we just want to present our award. Look, Larry, we know where you live … one way or another, you’re getting the fu#king lemon.

There is also a consistent rumor going around La La Land that one of your producers wants to use this award and lawsuit as content for a new Curb episode. We will not stand in your way.

The Lemonade People

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Dexter King

Lemonade Entertainment Critic

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We at Lemonade do hope that Larry David will change his mind and accept our very first La La, and that his speech reflects the faith that so many of us have in him.

We don’t want to put too much pressure on Mr. David, but if indeed he accepts the Lemon, we’d like to inspire his speech by also announcing that this year we are awarding a posthumous La La for the best acceptance speech ever given at the Academy Awards … to another Larry.

When Hollywood Had Class

presenter: Cary Grant // recipient: Laurence ‘Larry’ Olivier

before the era of Will Smith