New Lemonade – Apr 15, 2022


Baruch Baroque


You’ll never go ba-roke with Baruch

Today is April 15, Income Tax Day, and let’s be friends here.

Tell me, who loves this day? I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never come across anyone who says they love this day … though I wasn’t a psychology major, it looks to me like the reason for this antipathy is that basically, most people don’t seem to enjoy taking money out of their pocket and putting it into someone else’s pocket. I’m Baruch Baroque, and I’m here to help.

First, a brief glimpse at the history of taxation … the very first record of organized taxation came from Egypt around 3000 B.C., when the reigning Pharaoh, Shalo-Trumptooten, would send emissaries throughout the land to claim one-fifth of all the grain harvests as a tax.

The evolving art form of taxation then found a home throughout ancient Chinese dynasties who employed a methodical census record to track and tax their populace, after which the classic Romans added to the fun by introducing taxes on inheritance, property, and consumer goods, essentially to wage and finance war.

The bottom line is simply this my friends … just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after our money. And who knows where that money is going – a billion here, a trillion there, the world’s a mess, don’t you agree? Put your money where it belongs – with someone you can really trust, someone like me, Baruch Baroque.

Here at Save Cash And More, we’ll take care of your money like it’s our own. And as far as taxes are concerned, we have write-offs that never existed – don’t miss out on that! So remember, you’ll never go ba-roke with Baruch.

One of my specialties is to faithfully serve those parents and their families who are saving for college.

At Save Cash And More, it takes a seasoned professional like myself to keep an eye on all those Wall Street thieves … shame on them. Remember, gambling is for people like myself who know how to win.  

Baruch Baroque goes to Hell.

You may ask what could be wrong with something as life-affirming as Eternal Life Vitamins … we’re not at liberty to say.