Buddha ben Buddha – Accomplishment w/o credit

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Buddha ben Buddha

It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit

Let’s face it, this quote didn’t come from The Art of the Deal. For four long years, an entire country was forced to babysit the ego of the most powerful person in the world, concerned that he was prone to wetting his diaper as soon as he was ignored.

Most politicians seem to have one thing in mind – to get re-elected which intrinsically becomes attached at the hip to getting credit … all while they pretend to eat humble pie. There has to be a better way.



Which two deeds make you proud even though no one knows you did them?



apply the first word separately to each following word

  1. invisible …  freedom/burden/myth                                                                            
  2. fame   …  success/chains/influence                                             
  3. team …  chemistry/pecking order/win  
  4. leader … visionary/ listener/self-serving