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Fascism and ShiksaHub

May 8, 2020


Something to think about …

A few of our readers have expressed their distress regarding the current Supreme Court review of the Trump Administration’s assertion that the President cannot be convicted of a crime while in office. (Remember Trump claiming he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue?) Many question whether this confirms that Trumpian rule is a harbinger of coming Fascism.

Technically, according to the experts, the current President and his view of presidential power is  not Fascist – Trump does not reject democracy nor does he currently push for the overthrow of the government; he does not emphasize violence (if you say so); he is not an anti-individualist.

These experts argue that this makes Trump more of a ‘right-wing populist.’ However, there are three basic layers in any fascist regime to also consider:

1) a Fascist leader depends upon a small and loyal inner circle that he has personally groomed                                                                                             

2) foot soldiers and “true believers” who enforce the ideology are vital components of power

3) a lip service group tags along either because of fear, convenience, or access to power

  • You be the judge.  A small inner circle, check –
  • Jared, Ivanka, Hannity, Stephen Miller, Steve Bannon,
  • and of course Rush. True believers, check –
  • Texas, Florida, and Tennessee. A lip service group, check –
  • refer to the lip prints on Trump’s ass.

Trump may not reject Democracy, that is as long as the votes are in his favor. What would he do if the votes were not in his favor? Would he try to change them? Would he ever admit defeat?  

He wouldn’t dare push for the overthrow of the government, or would he? Probably not if he served three terms like some of his supporters suggest. But what if he doesn’t win reelection? Once again, you be the judge.

Something to celebrate

The specialty that put Goy To The World on the map is their Nachaswurst sausage, featuring tiny imprints of parents admiring their children on the skin … but there are so many additional choices to consider that will tickle your tuchus.

(1)  The Yentatainer – wholesale grilled whitefish on a toasted everything bagel with red onion, Romaine, and dill-horseradish. Rumors and garnish free of charge. 

(2)  The Lily Von Shtoop – a tribute to Mel Brooks, corned beef with homemade sauerkraut … not the first course, not the last course, the intercourse.

(3)  The Why Buy Retail – cheap. Pastrami on day old bread … when it’s heated with some good mustard, what’s there not to like?

(4)  The Plotz Thickens – Brooklyn pastrami, Texas bacon, Black Forest ham, and Genoa salami … if you can eat these international meats fried together, and prove that you didn’t plotz, the next one is 30% off.  

(5)  The Farcockt – a herring anchovy gefiltefish salad on rye bread/ antacid provided … if you skip the antacid, you’re farcockt.

In conclusion … there is never enough soap to wash away loneliness, but there’s always enough deli to put loneliness in its place.

Yiddish Vocabulary

  • goy – male non Jew
  • shiksa – female non-Jew                                       
  • tuchus – rear end
  • kvetch – to complain
  • nachas – pride in your children                             
  • yenta – matchmaker, gossip
  • shtoop (shtup) – fornicate                                                       
  • plotz – to collapse
  • farcockt – f#*ked up

Practice safe friendship,