Hermione Luck – 2nd Impeachment

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Hermione Luck / Chief Columnist

2nd Impeachment

January 13, 2021


To impeach, or not to impeach, that is the question …

Considering that Donald Trump lost somewhat of a landslide election, are the Democrats piling on by impeaching a lame duck president who so far claims that the election was rigged? No, they are not.

Impeachment makes everyone take a stand on what we’ve just witnessed as a nation – the forced entry into the United States Senate resulting in five deaths and a plethora of injuries.

The Republicans – who voted not to have a platform in 2016 – will have to go on the record. There will finally be political footprints. McConnell no longer can enable his boot-licking constituency to be without responsibility. Georgia, Stacey Abrams – God bless you. I’ve never said that to anyone before.

The sycophants – speaking of Mitch McConnell, for some reason he has become a linchpin which is an ironic word to use. Look, Trump is a sick puppy. He’s been this way for a long time.

But McConnell and Graham, haven’t they been worse? First of all, Graham …  c’mon his speech in the Senate, orchestrated to produce laughs, was right out of the Book of Amnesia, least we forget how many times this man has twisted in the wind of opportunity. The worst kind of politician.

McConnell … that smirky gobble-gobble look on his face, he has been the ultimate enabler, the Rasputin of the group. If there were anyone to hang in effigy at the Capitol, it is Mitch McConnell.

I’d like to end this with a quote from the Trumpian Bible – from Giuliani to the Corinthians. On the day of the assault – Jan 6 – Rudolph Giuliani spoke to the crowd in front of the Capitol and exclaimed,

  • “if they’re right, we will be fools … if we’re right, they’ll go to jail.”
  • The mob cheered, but as it turned out, the more likely scenario would prove to be, 
  • “if we’re right, they will be the fools … if they’re right, we will go to jail.”