College Connections

When you’ve exhausted every other form of entertainment and find yourself waiting for pre-Covid normalcy to return (good luck), The Lemonade Stand has two video series for your consideration. The first was originally broadcast locally in Santa Barbara and is called College Connections. This series focuses on the teen years entering and leaving college … there are four segments of this series that stand out –

Splash Olympics

The entitled meet the overwhelmed. UC Santa Barbara swimmers teach swimming skills to the developmentally disabled. For five years in the early 2000’s, the merging of these two entirely different worlds was a local cable hit.

Life After College

Two separate videos by college graduates in the College Connections series – New York and Costa Rica. One graduated from Princeton and dove into the complexity of New York City, the other graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara and dove into the unassuming tranquility of Sandalo, Costa Rica. Both graduates believed the world beyond college had no limits, and both were right.

New York

Costa Rica

Deeper Than Usual Interviews

So often, it is the community surrounding the college experience as much as the university itself that holds the reins of wisdom. This video offers a cross-section of Santa Barbara community leaders offering their personal thoughts on how to succeed outside the college bubble.