Buddha ben Buddha – Adversity

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Buddha ben Buddha / Self-Examination

Never tiring of taking himself seriously, Buddha ben Buddha offers his personal reflections on the subject of ethics and reasonable morality. Beginning with a philosophical statement for the reader to analyze, ben Buddha then poses the question of the day, followed by a word association meant to stimulate curiosity, conversation, reflection … and possibly conversation with others if you have any friends.




Almost all human beings can stand adversity,

but if you want to test someone’s true character, give this person power

Does power inherently feed on itself, destined to always crave more of the same?Powerful people often monopolize the world and its conversation. Sometimes, this select echo chamber creates false confidence in the veracity of what is being discussed. The privilege to be heard does not automatically confer being correct.



List the similarities and differences in how males and females exercise their power.



apply the first word to each of the following four

(1) adversity …  challenge/unfair/relative                                       

(2) prosperity … opportunity/greed/deceptive                                

(3) apology .. vulnerability/connection/opening                          

(4) control …  necessity/illusion/leash